Here at Team LSP we like to think of ourselves as solutions providers, a one-stop-resource-shop, ranging from theology to weaponry. That’s why we went to a noted defense systems consultant, asking for his advice on the best gun to take to the War on Weather.
A Unicorn on a Rainbow, With Clouds
Our search parameters weren’t easy. The weapon had to pack enough power to take down a cloud, but be accurate enough to shoot a sunbeam, or knock a unicorn off a rainbow. Not easy, you’ll admit, but whoever said life would be?
MacMillan TAC 50 Bolt Variant
Fortunately for all of us, there’s a solution. A .50 BMG precision rifle, supported by the Tracking Point aiming system.
Guiding it’s projectile unerringly onto target, the Tracking Point assisted rifle is capable of neutralizing the most elusive threats the Weather has to offer, and because of pinpoint accuracy, it can do so with minimum collateral damage. And make no mistake, the mighty .50 has plenty of punch.
Girls Love .50s
There you have it. Problem? Solution, which is what we’re all about, here at the Compound, helping you to win the firefight against our common enemy. 
Tracking Point sighting systems don’t come cheap, but neither does war, on the Weather.
Semper Ubique,