To make the New Years celebrations more of a celebration I went to the wine store and bought some of the right stuff. They had a good selection, if pricey, compared to the US.
A Typical Canadian Shop
When I paid the bill I used a piece of plastic without a chip in it, which confused the young baby-faced wine salesperson. “No chip, eh?” he asked, warily. “No,” I replied, “We don’t have those at the 1st Inconvenience Bank of Texas. We’re a bit backward that way.” The saleschild looked at me and said, “That’s not the only way, over there, eh?”
I grinned and gave him a cheery, “Oh yeah. Except for gun rights, we’re ahead of the pack there. Happy New Year, man.”
A Bison Head
And with that, I wish you all a happy, blessed and joyous New Year.