The general consensus amongst the 4 people who read this so-called “mind blog” is that its authors are incapable of serious thought. To make up for that deficiency, here’s an excerpt from Fr. Longenecker’s 12 step takedown of proglib Christianity:

The real divide in Christianity is no longer Protestant and Catholic, but progressive and historic.

When I say “divide” I should say “battle” because both sides are locked in an interminable and unresolvable battle. Interminable because neither side will yield and unresolvable because the divisions extend the theological and philosophical roots of both aspects.

However, it is true to look at the dynamic of progressive Christianity and see that by the end of this century it will have either died out or ceased to be Christianity.


Longenecker, a former Anglican priest, goes on to make his 12 points and they’re certainly pertinent to a form, or a subversion of Christianity that’s dying out. But here at the Compound we’d like to add a 13th observation.
Why would anyone go to a church that existed to reflect disbelief back on itself? Or, to put it another way, why bother attending a church when you can more comfortably read the New York Times or The Guardian instead? Same message, far less hassle.
Sad Gay
Well guess what, Longenecker’s prophecy’s being fulfilled and the proglib churches are dying out. You can read their dismal stats on the internet, if you care to find them.
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