It was a balmy 68* in the Texan winter, as I galloped up a hill on my friend’s ranch, which made me wonder if I’d made the right decision in wearing a lined denim jacket. “It’s kind of warm in this coat,” I cleverly informed my equestrian friend, “but you know what, it protects against thorns.” And so it did, they’re a hazard.
A Typical Texan Road
We rested on top of the hill and looked out over the countryside to I35, some 10 or 12 miles in the distance, with the setting sun reflecting off trucks making their way north and south along the highway. There we were in the saddle, with the sunset behind us, and there was the traffic, speeding silently towards its destination; quite a divide.
This led to a horseback discussion on the state of the country. Would there be another civil war, my friend pondered, and if so, how would it come about? Through the centrifugal forces unleashed by financial collapse, when the Debt Star decides to collect payment? Through what seems to be increasing, nationwide polarization? One thing’s for sure, after 8 years of Gun Control Barack, everyone’s armed to the teeth.
Several trot, canter, gallops later we were back at the barn and giving the horses some hay. They attacked it with gusto.
I love riding. Thanks, RP, for the opportunity.
Stay on the horse,