Every day I read the paper in Canada, OK, it was the Globe and Mail courtesy of the Hyatt, there were glowing articles about the influx of Muslim refugees into the country. One gushing review described Trudeau shedding a tear as Ottawa schoolchildren performed an Arabic song, welcoming Mohammed into Medina
We have to assume that Canada’s new leader wasn’t crying for the 600 or 700 Medina Jews that the Prophet beheaded in the city. No, he was just overflowing with heartfelt, liberal compassion. 
How touching, and you can almost see the unicorns flying and frolicking along the dewy cusp of welcoming rainbows, while peace-loving Muslims flood into Canada, or Germany, or Sweden, or Holland, or France, or just about anywhere else in the Western world. And we have to ask, what could possibly go wrong?
Quite a lot, if you were in a Calgary last night, when Mohamed Elmi, and Mohamed Salad opened fire in a nightclub. Quite a lot, too, if you were a woman in Cologne on the New Year, who was attacked by the very same rapefugees that you welcomed into your city with teddy bears and bottles of water. I guess you didn’t bother to wonder whether a massive influx of mostly male Muslims, over 70%, could ever, you know, be a threat.
Whatever the case, the New Years outburst of pacifism by the religion of peace was apparently coordinated across a number of major European cities. Who could ever have seen that coming. Well, no one, very much, in the land of soaring rainbow unicorns.
Good work, libs, and who knows, maybe in the short term you’ll get the Muslim vote. But don’t be surprised when the Jihad turns your cities into battlegrounds as copies of Mein Kampf fly off the shelves.
Or, to put it another way, wake up, you crew of mountebanks and dhimmwits.
In the meanwhile, ISIS laughs.