Do you remember the Communion Partners? Sure you don’t, unless you happen to be a keen-eyed observer of the Anglican scene in North America. So here’s a refresher. The Communion Partners are trads who stayed in the Episcopal Church (TEC) as a kind of righteous remnant, witnessing against the pink revolution that took over their church.
A Communion Partner With The Covenant
They hoped, perhaps they still do, that when TEC gets disciplined by the Communion for going gay, they, the Communion Partners, will be recognized as the true voice of Anglicanism in North America. And all without the pain and grief of getting sued by your rainbow rulers for leaving the church. Don’t want to incur the stainless steel fury of your liberal overlords, eh?
An Alien in The Corn
But what’s happened? It looks like the conservatives who left TEC, the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), are the ones who’re being seen as authentic Anglicans in the US. After all, their leader, Archbishop Foley Beach, was given a voice and vote at the primatial gathering in Canterbury, and his church wasn’t sanctioned, but TEC was. So it’s starting to look like ACNA is seen as the true Anglican franchise in America, even if it’s not formally counted as such.
I’ll leave you with a question. What would happen to the Communion Partners if, three years from now, TEC has refused to repent and is kicked out of the Communion, and ACNA isn’t? Perhaps a picture speaks louder than words.
Good luck, Communion Partners.