Things started off well. Get up with the dawn, walk the dog, drink some coffee, say Morning Prayer and then go for a ride. That meant driving out to my friend’s ranch near Aquilla and meeting up with him and two youngsters. I met them riding down the ranch road and told them I’d catch up, and that’s what happened. Tack up and gallop.
As always, it was beautiful to ride out in the morning sun and I enjoyed myself weaving in and around the mesquites and going through the gaits. The kids had fun too, though at a more sedate pace. Thanks a lot, RP, for the riding hospitality.
Ride over, I stopped to get some coffee on the way home and learned that a churchperson was very sick in hospital. So I made a swift turnaround and drove to Waco, but not before taking a picture of my neighbor’s peacock. It’s one of several and likes to roost in the trees when not shrieking with a high and crazed insanity.
The day finished appropriately, with Stations of the Cross, and that’s just the way it is.
God bless,