You wake up, it’s a beautiful day and you think to yourself, “I know, I’ll go to a liturgical dance!” Resist that temptation, and go for a ride.
Goofing Off
Liturgical Dance is goofy.
Horses Scorn Liturgical Dance
Riding is not goofy, mostly.
Bad And Weird
Liturgical Dance is bad.
Good Horse
Riding is good.
Blasphemous Nonsense
Liturgical Dance is blasphemous.
Don’t go Liturgical Dancing, Fool
Riding is not.
I hope this short educational post helps all of us to keep a better, more disciplined and holy Lent. Remember, when temptation strikes, as it so often does, don’t go liturgical dancing! Go for a ride instead, it’s better for mind, body and spirit.
That is all.