One of the things some local Baptists do well here is a men’s prayer breakfast. They meet every Friday and they’re a good, straight-up group of guys who like to ride, shoot and fish and aren’t ashamed of their faith.
I like to go for the prayer and fellowship and to hear a short, simple but direct message. Today’s was on Elijah and the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings. Elijah called down fire from heaven and confounded the evil prophets of an evil god. These met a grisly end, which serves as a warning to the idolatry of our dark and increasingly barbarous age. So be filled with the fire of God that is the fire of love, and repent.
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My mind went back from that to Exodus, the burning bush and the Divine Name, I AM THAT AM, or, in the Septuagint, He Who Is, and then forward in time to Pentecost and the tongues of fire that rested upon the Apostles.
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Some say that the episcopal mitre represents this fire. Others again point to the awkward bit in the Gospel about wolves in sheep’s clothing, to say nothing of the demon Baal and its false prophets.
Make of that what you will.