A mysterious monument on Mars may be evidence that the Worldwide Anglican Non-Communion (WANC), has gone “off-planet.”

Startling images from Viking 1 revealed the shadowy likeness of a human face on Mars. An enormous head nearly two miles from end to end seemed to be staring back at the cameras from a region of the Red Planet called Cydonia.
However, more recent photos from the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) and the Mars Orbital Camera (MOC) show what seems to be a broken down old hill. “It may look like a ‘face’ from a distance,” said a member of the MGS team, “but when you get up close you can see it’s just a free-standing eroded landform, like a butte or a mesa, like Middle Butte in Idaho. An apron of boulders around the base would make the climb difficult for a robot.”

Others disagree. “Once adjusted for sun angle and natural erosion, the Viking photos show humanoid features, nose, eyes, mouth and nostrils,” stated one expert, “The chances of that happening exceed a thousand billion billion to one (10^21 to 1). We are compelled to accept artificiality as the most reasonable explanation consistent with the a priori principle of scientific method.”
Has science discovered the Face of WANC on Mars, or an eroded butte?

You, the reader, be the judge.