Maybe it’s because we don’t pay enough carbon tax and don’t have a ban on hi-cap magazines, but for whatever reason, it seemed like we were losing the War on Weather this morning. 
The sky began to turn green and the air became still in the Ozlike light. Very much the calm before the tornado which didn’t come, although the rain did. Like a deluge. That meant I didn’t go visiting this morning because I had to make the compound’s sturdy tornado bunker (basement) available to the public.

Then the storm passed over and I made my rounds, visiting the sick, the dying and the bereaved. There’s no shortage of these, unfortunately. But still, it meant stopping by a fine restaurant.

It also meant gauging the exponential growth of a chicken operation, and running cattle, to say nothing of pondering the militia presence in the local Walmart car park. 

It’s all going on in the countryside, I tell you.
And the the storm is by no means over.