A seasoned veteran of the intelligence community threatens to visit for a pig hunt in April and I think his method goes roughly like this. Wait for a massive tusker to charge you and then, calmly, deliberately, shoot it with a .357 Magnum revolver. Probably a Colt Python. In the meanwhile, LSP stands back with a 30 of some sort and a sharp kukri. 
LL Visits Texas
With that in mind, here’s a typical hunting tale. 
As I patrolled along a hi-fenceline the dog came to a point, all attention, and there, 150 yards downhill to my left was a giant black pig, black hair bristling menacingly in the hot white light of a Texan morning.
Someone’s Pig Hunt Gone Wrong
Fast as you like and maybe faster, up comes my AR, red dot hold on the shoulder of the pig, breathe, squeeze the trigger and… nothing. Try it again, is the gun broken? and… nothing. A split second of consternation.
Random Pictograph Somewhere in Texas
Then thumb-off the safety, fire, and the hog’s running like a speeding maglev, barreling through the dystopian ruins of Detroit towards the Windsor tunnel. That one got off to fight again another day. 
Maybe this good fortune will change sometime soon.
Attention to detail,