Some people have ONE gun, others have several, but whatever the case, the song remains the same. If you’re going to be any good with firearms you have to actually shoot them, as opposed to staring at them fondly as they stand gleaming in their racks.
That was brought home to me a little while ago, after a dismal offhand performance against some steel plates. The expression, “couldn’t spot a thieving hippy on the hustle in Austin from 10 paces” totally applied, embarrassingly. So I set out to change that, with a Glock 21, an AR 15 and a Ruger American .22.
After a brisk warm up against an unfortunate silhouette, the plates were swinging at 50 and 75 yards. Well done, Ruger. 
Here’s a Handy Chart
I left the rifle zeroed at 50 yards; just dial it up a fraction under 5.5″ for 100 yards. And note how the Ruger American takes the ubiquitous 10/22 30 round magazine. Good job, team.
The AR did fine, too, and made handy work of an empty value pack of .223. It has a Primary Arms 1×6 scope on it, which I’m tempted to upgrade. Perhaps with a Vortex Strike Eagle.
Then there’s Glock. Some people don’t like Glocks and call them “rubbish.” Well, the Glock 21 isn’t a Colt Python and it can’t send the mighty .357 Magnum through your enemy’s engine block, but still, I’m not complaining. That pistol is all business.
Shoot over, head for home.
Gun Rights,