Everything on the deck went flying off, there was a refrigerator 
that went flying by.

There’s a storm brewing, in fact it’s already here, and I’m not talking about the popular insurgency against our self-serving, crony millionaire, NWO ruling elites and their puppet stooges in academia and the media. 


No, I’m talking about the weather in Texas, where it’s been raining with a kind of tornadolike intensity which has made everything green. Not carbon tax, fill the coffers of bloated government green, but real green, as in grass. That’s rare here.

Under Water

It’s also put everything underwater, and not just the economy! That may be submerged under trillions of dollars of bad debt, thanks to our economic genius overlords, but so too is my back yard. It’s flooded.

A Typical Mitt Mask

As I write this, loud thunder fills the air and I don’t think it’s coming from Rat Hands Rubio’s campaign, or from his Master, “Mitt” Romney.

Perhaps it’s the thunder of dotcom millionaire private jets, on their feverish way to stop the storm. Or maybe it’s just the weather, which we’re in a war with.
Don’t get washed away,