One of the many benefits of Easter is that you get leftover lamb. What do you do with all that lamb? Cut it up and throw it in the pot with diced onions and garlic, and fry it in olive oil and butter. 
Add some curry powder, tomato and chili powder. Don’t be shy, chuck it in. After all, this isn’t a fancy pants Ivy League curry, or a Druid Hill, Trump 2016, I went to Emory curry. No, it’s just a rough and ready, throw-it-in-the-pot, take it as you find it curry.
Let it simmer, as you drink a cold beer. I like Fosters, which reminds me of England, even though it’s from Australia.
Perhaps you roll out some dough and make naan bread in an iron skillet, perhaps not, there’s no “rule.” And then, simmer over, serve with rice and eat that scoff like a warrior.