Perhaps you think womyn bishops are really great and awesome. Do you remember Jane Dixon? She was pretty awesome.
And what about the good looking Bishop of Gloucester. Paranormal experts say that diocese is under an ancient curse.
Or Mary Glasspool, another high-flier who broke through the stained glass ceiling. Was she the first ever lesbian bishop?
But don’t forget Jefferts Schori, the one womyn bishop to rule them all. How much did the Episcopal Church decline under her overwomynship? By something like 200,000 people on any given Sunday, of which 50,000 left in 2013-14 alone. Good looking out, Schori.
Surely there’s some mistake here. Weren’t womyn bishops going to make the church relevant again and bring everyone back to church, filling all those empty pews? Well that really happened, didn’t it. The Church of England’s busy trying the experiment, too. Let’s see how well that works out.
Good Luck, CofE
In the meanwhile, over the last 10 years, the Orthodox have been building or opening 1000 churches a year, in Russia. But that’s a different story.