Startling game cam footage has revealed the Anglican Communion being snatched by an evil owl, proving that there are “consequences” for what’s euphemistically referred to as “riding the rainbow.”
Where the owl will take the Worldwide Anglican Non Communion (WANC) is uncertain. According to the game cam’s owner, the photos provided “clarity.” 
Riding The Rainbow
“Some people thought there weren’t any, you know, consequences when it came to riding the rainbow,” he said, “Others reckoned there were when it looked like there weren’t. It was really confusing, then the owl came and took the whole Communion away. It gave some clarity to the narrativity crisis.”
When questioned about the destination of the owl and its captured Communion, the hunter stated, “I don’t know where it’s going, no one does. Maybe not even the owl, it could be flying around for kicks, fixing to drop that Communion when it gets tired playing. They do that.”
An Owl Attacks
Where the Worldwide Anglican Non Communion will land is uncertain, that it’s been snatched up in the talons of an evil owl appears irrefutable.
Stay tuned as the story develops.