What do you do when the lightning fills the sky and thunder crashes like the guns of Kursk, as a mighty deluge of rain pours down from the sky? You can sit at home like some kind of pajama boy in a onesie and cower in your parents’ basement sipping lattes and hot chocolate. Sure, you can do that, that’s one option. Or you can climb into your rig, crank up the jukebox, and drive through the storm to Mass.
I chose to avoid Hell and brave the high water, which isn’t as amusing as it sounds when you’re hydroplaning across a flooded country two lane. Slow down, you’re of no liturgical use, in this world, if you wipe out and die in the wilds of Hill County.
Slow Down, Fool.
The storm raged throughout the Mass, like Hillary Clinton thwarted of a speaking fee, or Satan, falling to earth like lightning.
Wake of the flood,