ZeroHedge takes a dim view of raising the minimum wage to $15 and thinks it’ll make everyone poorer by causing unemployment and inflation. Socialists think it’ll make more people richer by giving the poor a bigger slice of the fiscal pie. What do I think, you ask with bated breath.
That people should be paid a just wage in return for their work, especially the clergy. But why stop with a minimum wage and a progressive income tax. Why not empower the dictatorship of the proletariat Government, which is your Friend, to give everyone the same amount of money? That’d be fair, right? 
Obey Felix Dzerzhinsky
Come to think of it, why not abolish private property and build some reeducation camps for the kulaks, you know, all the ones you haven’t shot yet.
And before you come up with the tired old lame excuse that there isn’t enough money, remember, the State can print as much of that as it likes.