Prince has died. He was a Pop Star singer songwriter from the ’80s and considered a super if eccentric talent. He may or may not have been a member of the Illuminati. Regardless, I celebrated Mass this evening and went fishing at Soldiers Bluff, at Lake Whitney. I guess soldiers used to watch over the mighty Brazos from the limestone bluffs, a century or so ago.
That was then, today Soldiers Bluff is a campsite surrounding a cove near the dam and it was flooded, thanks to Hillary’s foreign policy and the settled science of climate change, or The Weather, which we’re in a war with. Undeterred, I scouted the banks of this near inland sea and I have to say, the catfish were boiling in the shallow water.
Excited, I cast off with worms on a treble hook and was flummoxed when the cats didn’t bite. There they were, juicy, tasty, fat Canadian worms and there they were, Catfish, in a bankside feeding frenzy. Hunh. The two should match but didn’t, like Anglicanism and credal orthodoxy.
Who knows, maybe the hook was wrong and perhaps a bad workman blames his tools. Whatever, the treble was swapped out for a circle hook, the worms remained the same, and the fish started to bite. I caught a couple of Blue Gills and a Catfish, in a kind of competition with a Mexican gentleman who was bow fishing. 
He shot two Gar with an orange arrow, and warned me about a “real big snake” that was heading our way.
He was a good guy, that Mexican. 
Fish On,