Daniel Robinson started off life as a man and even became an Army officer, graduating from West Point. But then Dan got the call to become a pastor and went to seminary at Baylor to become a Baptist minister. But something wasn’t right, Dan didn’t think he was a man:

“I have known my entire life that the world was wrong about me, that on the day I was born, when the doctor took a cursory glance between my legs and authoritatively declared ‘It’s a boy,’ he was wrong—dead wrong.”

Dan got pretty upset about this over the years and considered killing himself, then an “angel of the Lord” arrived “named Reason”  who made him feel better. 
This is the conversation Dan had with the angel:

“What if God hasn’t fixed you because you’re not broken?” an inner voice asked.

“That can’t be true,” he protested. “The Bible says I’m broken.”

“What if the Bible is wrong? What if you’ve been reading it wrong?”

“I don’t know,” he said.

After talking with the angel, Dan got a sex change and was re-ordained. He goes by Allyson now and says he’s “challenged nearly every doctrine that was entrusted to me and that I promised to keep on the day of my ordination. I determined to keep those only that keep me alive.”
Now Dan’s not a man or a woman but something in between, what someone’s described as a “blasphemous parody of a woman” or a kind of “it.” What kind of angel would make a person do this to themselves?
Hint, Baphomet is trans. I’ll leave you to ponder that.