“So you have the water, you have the steaks… You have the wines and all of that.”

Trump stormed through Indiana like a Bronze Age Chieftain, crushing Cruz by 16 percentage points in his landslide victory. Cruz has dropped out of the race and it’s reported that Kasich will end his bid for the presidency today, leaving Trump the presumptive GOP nominee. But can the billionaire businessman beat Hillary?
If he loses it won’t be for lack of opportunity. Hillary isn’t liked, she doesn’t resonate with people, there’s an air of entitled, political insider-elite, smug dishonesty that hangs over her like a cloud. Even her own party isn’t excited by Hillary and no wonder, there’s no charism in her campaign, but there is plenty of strident, hectoring, shrill ambition. And then there’s the scandals.
Clinton Foundation cash, Benghazi and the video set-up, Servergate and the missing emails, Whitewater, the Clinton body count and on and on. And she’s under investigation by the FBI and facing a possible indictment. None of this makes Hillary look good, in fact it makes her look bad; the optics are dismal.
Now that Trump’s seen off his GOP opposition he can start on Hillary, and like any Bronze Age Chieftain, it’s a safe bet to say he thrives on red meat. There’s no shortage of that in the form of the Democrat frontrunner’s malfeasance, perceived or actual.

Of course she might be in prison before it’s all said and done, which means a slugout with Bern.

Stay tuned,