It’s no secret that the media tends to function as the agitprop arm of The Party while pretending objectivity, but it’s rare for one of its departments to get caught out in a really blatant lie. Like Facebook.
It seems billionaire socialist Mark Zuckerberg’s influential trending news section was the creation of a crew of journalists, working out of the basement of the propaganda department’s building in New York. The journalists, not Facesoviet’s users, determined what stories were “trending” and these, shocked surprise, had a decidedly Party bias.
Who were these basement hacks? Ivy League lib elites, apparently:

The trending news section is run by people in their 20s and early 30s, most of whom graduated from Ivy League and private East Coast schools like Columbia University and NYU. They’ve previously worked at outlets like theNew York Daily News, Bloomberg, MSNBC, and the Guardian. Some former curators have left Facebook for jobs at organizations including the New Yorker, Mashable, and Sky Sports.

According to former team members interviewed by Gizmodo, this small group has the power to choose what stories make it onto the trending bar and, more importantly, what news sites each topic links out to. “We choose what’s trending,” said one. “There was no real standard for measuring what qualified as news and what didn’t. It was up to the news curator to decide.”


As usual, Rod Dreher nails it: 

So East Coast elites were making invisible, unaccountable editorial decisions, while Facebook led its members to believe that they were unbiased, that “trending” was only a thing to do with what its users were actually reading.

It was a lie. Mark Zuckerberg is a fraud.

That progleft agitprop is promoted by billionaire socialists like Mark Zuckerberg and his crew of East Coast elite basement hacks, isn’t surprising. That Facemonkey’s fraudulent “trending” section is read by 600 million people? Terrifying.
You can read Dreher’s excellent piece here. While you’re at it, note his comments on the recent Times story about Texas and why the lib media  just don’t get it.