Who’d have thought it, the gateway to the West, Cowtown, Texas’ own Fort Worth, with its fabled stockyards and legends of the frontier, has gone trans and decided to ride the rainbow. At least its schools have. Here’s highlights from the recent Fort Worth ISD Rainbow Directive, via Dreher:

There doesn’t need to be a medical or mental health diagnosis involved. If a male student says he’s a girl, then he’s a girl, and vice versa.

Schools are instructed to keep the student’s asserted gender identity hidden from parents unless authorized to share that information with them.

School personnel are to consider themselves to be allies of a student undergoing gender transitioning. That means not telling their parents or guardians.

Transgender students must have the opportunity to participate in school sports as the gender they claim to be, though they are not guaranteed this as a right.

Teachers are no longer to call their students “boys” and “girls,” but to use gender-neutral language to refer to them, e.g., “students.”

Classrooms are to “feature diversity” in their classroom materials.

Well there you go, parents. Send your kids to a Fort Worth public school so they can get sexually confused. But don’t worry, it’ll be a special secret between your child and their teachers, you won’t be allowed to know. That’s forbidden, by the State and its Teachers. Obey. Them. 
No fooling and remember, you’re paying for this. Where will it end?
Dreher observes:

Don’t be fooled: the bathroom issue is a proxy for a deeper conflict over what it means to be male and female, and beyond that, about fundamental human nature. These standards are collapsing in American society in part because of elites pushing against them, but also — and perhaps more so — because radical individualism is going into hyperdrive. We call it freedom — freedom to choose who you are, with neither custom, nor religion, nor even biology standing in the way of your will. But here’s what’s going to happen. People who submit to this way of thinking will find that their freedom, so construed, will make it impossible for them to construct a coherent, stable identity. They’re not going to make it. This perversion of liberty will wreck them.

I’d add that the perversion of liberty will end in totalitarianism, the same totalitarianism we’re beginning to see in Fort Worth’s schools. You can read all about it in Dostoevsky’s Devils and Crime and Punishment, the ideology hasn’t changed, though technology has.
Good Look, Dude. now Everyone Will Think You’re a Sexy Chick
In a similar vein, Bruce Jenner wants to be a man again. Good thing he kept his “biology,” eh?