A famous clergyman once said, “When I was in seminary, there were a lot of people there who were simply evading the draft, so they didn’t have to fight in the Vietnam war.” I replied, “Traitors.” And that’s the way it is with hippies.
You see them hanging out in a park, maybe strumming a  guitar or eating some yummy fried tofu, and you think, “Hunh, look at that freakish looking deadbeat.” Unpleasant, but so what, harmless. I mean to say, what’s the worst they can do, hassle you to buy some beads? Yeah. Think again.
The same crew of goof-off clowns that wouldn’t fight the commies who ruthlessly killed millions of people, eclipsing the abhorrent Nazis, are now living high on the hog of local and state government. They were traitors to western civilization then, back in the daze, and they’re traitors still.
And oh, lest we forget. Remember that hippy who ripped off your stuff? Well, they’re still at it, only this time they’ve ripped off entire states, like California, or Austin. And a couple of them want to steal the entire country.
Don’t be fooled when they come at you panhandling, putting out sob stories about how unfortunate they are. All they’re after is your cash and they’ll take it by force if you let them, all in the name of their compassionate trans workers utopia.
The Choom Gang
Still, with all of the above in mind, and it’s a lot, I still hope Bernie Sanders beats the sachs out of Hillary.
Never trust a hippy,