Some people ride unicorns over the rainbow, others, like the Morecambe Missile, John McGuinness, ride bikes and they ride them fast on what’s possibly the most dangerous race of its kind in the world, the Isle of Man TT.
That’s going on right now:

Held over a 37.75 mile course of closed public roads on the sleepy island tax haven in the (Irish) sea between Britain and Ireland, it is considered one of the most authentically original, spectacular and most dangerous sporting events in the World with average lap speeds approaching 133 miles per hour through the 380 bends and 1500 foot climb and fall the road makes on the Island’s mountainous topography. Riders in the races on ‘the Island’ are considered specialists in the art of ‘real road racing’, a sport restricted to small parts of Europe in these very safety conscious times, and are willing to risk everything (literally) to be crowned ‘King of the Mountain’. They certainly don’t do it for the money, as there is very little…

One reader described it neatly, “This sport’s not for wussies.” I’d be inclined to agree and note McGuinness’ humility in the video. That’s a virtue.
Say a prayer for the riders, they don’t always make it.
God bless,