Perhaps you’re looking for that special Mother’s Day treat. Look no further. Russia presents you with the “Obamka”, or “Little Obama.” In Russian, the diminutive suffix “ka” is used to express affection, or derision.
The ice cream treat features a hard shell of delicious milk chocolate around a white vanilla interior and a stick runs up its rear, enabling handlers to grip the Obamka firmly.
Obamka Licks Cone
Slavitska, which produces the popular ice cream novelty, insists any similarities between Obamka and the outgoing US President are imaginary:

“With different flavors and glazes, this [line of] ice cream will stand for the main races on our planet. Ice cream names need to be memorable. For those with a vivid imagination, various associations might come to mind, but this product is for children and is a long way from politics.”
Obamka Eats Rainbow

Vicious rumors that Team LSP is sponsored by Slavitska are baseless, without foundation and entirely that, rumors.
Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, has a vodka, Putinka, named after him.