One of our churchmen died early today of a heart attack. It was sudden and a shock; we’d been talking only yesterday and he seemed in excellent health, promising to bring some quail to Mass this evening. “You might want to bring a small cooler!” he said, and that’s what I was getting ready to do when I received the news.
I got on the ‘phone and one man, who I respect very much, said, “When the Man calls, you gotta go.” There’s no arguing with that.
My friend had been an explosives person in SE Asia and carried on the lifestyle into the ’80s, finishing up in Uzbekistan before becoming a civilian contractor, most recently in Afghanistan. He’d retired here to raise quail, grow herbs and be midway between his children and grandchildren. 
He was a good man and a committed Christian.
LJ, rest in peace and rise in glory. You will be badly missed.