There’s not been a lot of shooting in LSPland lately because of our enemy, the Weather. Seriously, it’s rained so much that the places I like to shoot at have been pretty much off-limits. But that’s changed, at least for now, with a few days of heat and sun.
So I drove down to the range with GWB and a couple of wood stocked Ruger American .22s, a value pack of ammo and a mind set on a few hours of firearms fun. Make up for lost time, I thought to myself, and blaze away in the clean country air. Right on, get out and shoot.
Then disaster struck. Thanks to the Weather, part of a tree had fallen and was blocking the way into the range. It was a significant obstacle and there was no way it was going to move without a chainsaw and there wasn’t one.
“We need a saw,” said GWB, thoughtfully, and I agreed, “Yes, and there isn’t one.” I optimistically tried a bit of telekenesis on the fallen timber; maybe staring at the branches would shift them out of the way. No, it didn’t, and then it came to me, GWB had had the foresight to bring a multitool. “What about your Leatherman?” I asked,  “That has a sawblade, a surprisingly good one.”
Sure enough, the Leatherman Wave’s handy saw made quick work of an offending branch and we were able to drive around the road block. Moral of the story?

Don’t underestimate our enemy the Weather, it can throw some nasty punches. Also, be prepared, have the kit you need to reach your objective. Most importantly, when things go wrong you can sit there in your pajama onesie, whining into your coco as you wait for the Government to step in and save you, good luck with that. Or you can take matters into your own hands and find a solution.
That’s what happened today. We cut through the wood and drove on through, to the other side.
Thanks, Leatherman Wave. You work.