You know it, we know it, everyone knows it. The US and its Gulf Arab friends have been supporting, arming and financing our frenemies ISIS. Why? Because Saudi, Qatar et al. want to put a pipeline through Syria. Russia’s not too keen on that so, next step, overthrow the Russian-allied Assad regime with radical Islamists and, hey presto, there’s your pipe and bye-bye Gazprom.
The only problem being that our frenemies are so bad and evil that we have to call them enemies and pretend we’re not backing them. You know, it doesn’t look good to the American public to hear that SECSTATE Hillary was funneling cash to Al Quaeda/ISIS. So blame it on the video.
Well, the veneer’s finally off that rotten fish and conspiracy theory has become conspiracy fact. Own up, America. Your ruling elites are in bed with the people who bought you 9/11 and Orlando.
No wonder they weren’t too keen when Putin started taking the head choppers down. In the meanwhile, I’ll wager my fighting monkey against any two, maybe three, of your Illuminati NWO shills, that nothing will be accomplished until the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is taken down.
That includes their holy meteorite.
ISIS laughs,