A lot of people are saying that the Team’s gone off-mission. They think that the primary objective of fighting the War on Weather, building an ARK (Advanced Rescue Kraft) and fishing has been forgotten. Forgotten and replaced by theological reflection. I understand, it’s a concern, but you can do both
Look What The Weather’s Done
To prove that, I went Lake Whitney and deployed a Super Spook. No, not a well known member of the Intelligence Community, but a topwater lure. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d catch anything, as the lake was choppy and well above its normal water level, all thanks to our enemy, the Weather.
Spook Caught a Fish
Still, I figured the Spook might be large and noisy enough to attract any Bass that were lurking under the waves. So I cast off, and bang, a Hybrid hit the lure like it was going out of style, then another slammed into it. Well done, Spook, you work. 
Those in Peril on The Sea
But so too does our enemy and its not been idle, sending torrential rain down onto the Lone Star State in an apocalyptic display of power. You could see that today on lake Whitney, which resembled a turbulent inland sea.
A Typical Texas Streetscape
Smart Texans are moving to high ground, building ARKs and improving their fishing skills.
Fish on,