At an undisclosed location somewhere in Texas, there’s a large pond. It’s called “The Big Pond” and it has Bass in it, some of those Bass are large, really large, 8 lbs and up. The Team calls them Leviathan Bass because that’s what they’re like, monsters. I went after them this evening with Yum’s famous Ribbontails, which promise: 

“The Ribbontail worm is your basic curlytail with a difference. The curl is longer than most, providing more swimming action in motion that other similar worms, and the solid body takes the abuse of multiple bass without tearing.” 

So much for the marketing, did the Ribbontails walk the walk? They sure did, producing strike after strike. Widemouth Bass on The Big Pond love a dark Ribbontail and it was like storybook Bass fishing, with the ferocious predators surging, jumping and leaping out of the water at the end of the line, rod bent double. Big fun and big fish.
Did I land a Leviathan Bass? Not this time, but I’m not complaining.
Fish On,