As the sun was setting on Brussels and Bob Geldof’s New World Order, I looked out across the Big Pond, hoping for a Leviathan Bass. I hoped in vain. Like the people of Sunderland, Tyneside and Basildon, the fish weren’t fooled by the empty promise of the enticing lure. They saw through it and decided against the worm.
Except for one fish, who took the bait and started travelling with it. I gazed down at the water in astonishment, gave the line a gentle tug, and the fish swam off. “So you figured the fish was going to set the hook all by itself?” asked GWB. “Er, yeah,” I replied, “Sometimes they do that.” 
A Typical Millionaire Socialist
My intuition says that GWB wasn’t too impressed with this small gem of angling wisdom, but whatever the case, he went on to catch a fish on his fly rod. Well done.
GWB’s Fish
Then night fell and it was time to leave the pond and head back to the Compound. Whether Texas will “Texit” and part company with America’s ruling DC overlords, is presently unclear. That the Bass are trying to escape the searing summer heat by moving to deeper waters is more certain. 
I’ve resolved to get in a boat and go after them.
Fish on,