Just another run of the mill celebrity millionaire socialist. He’s worth a neat and thank-you-very-much $150 million; small change for an Illuminati stoogedupe of the New World Order, right?
A Knight
Millionaire Socialist Bob (MSB) is a Knight and sings for the world famous Boom Town Rats. Their great hit was I Don’t Like Mondays, in which the soulful punk pranksters told the world that they wanted to “shoot the whole day down.”
A Millionaire Socialist
Geldof’s dream of a EuroCom socialist utopia was shot down at the Brexit referendum, when Britons perversely voted for national sovereignty. 
A Jackass
Sporting readers of this obscure Kebob Stand on the Information Super Highway have thrown down a challenge, Viz. They’ll wager their Farage against any two, yes, two, of your Geldofs.
Well, I’m not a gambling man, but the bets are on.
Gold only,