Do you remember the Episcopal Divinity School (EDS)? You know, the same hallowed hall of ecclesial academe that was headed up by Rev. Katharine “Abortion” Ragsdale? Sure you do, who doesn’t.
Well, it looks as though Moloch has frowned upon his willing servant. Via Anglican Ink:

In a surprise move, the Board of Trustees for one of the 10 schools educating Episcopal Church seminarians has voted to cease granting degrees at the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year. It is unclear how Episcopal Divinity School of Cambridge, Massachusetts might continue on, with the board stating that it “will explore options for EDS’s future” in the coming year.

 So what does that exploration look like? The current Dean, Francis Fornaro, fills in the blanks:

Interlocking Oppressions

“A school that has taken on racism, sexism, heterosexism, and multiple interlocking oppressions is now called to rethink its delivery of theological education in a new and changing world,” declared former Washington National Cathedral Dean and EDS Board Chairman Gary Hall in an official announcement. “Ending unsustainable spending is a matter of social justice.”

Quite. Bye Bye.