“Cooking with LSP?” you ask with a wry smile, “That’s kind of weird.” Not so fast, readers, here’s how it’s done. The hard way.
Go to Walmart and pick up a couple of Threepers. No, not two members of a citizens militia! Two 3 packs of New York Strips; they shouldn’t cost more that $30, all in all. Take your Threepers home, salt and pepper them and let those steaks come to room temperature in a place where the dog can’t get them. He’s hungry for steak.
Fire up the Weber using a large chimney, you’ll want a lot of charcoal for a hot fire, then spread the coals when they’re grey and put a grid over them. Scrape that grid down with a wire brush and admire the inferno as you sip an ice cold Stella. But look, there’s no rule, it doesn’t have to be Stella, that’s just my choice. Do what you like, it’s up to you.

Meditation over, get the steak and throw it on the grill. Watch it sizzle as the Threepers hit the hot grid; after about a minute, put the lid on the grill and observe the mystery of cooking for around 3 minutes, depending on the size of the steaks. Uncover, flip, repeat.
Grilling over, put the steaks on a tray and serve them up to the hungry team. Maybe throw in some baked potatoes and salad, perhaps some fried onions and mushrooms, whatever. 
You, not Big Government, are in charge of this operation. Then eat your steaks, like a Warrior. 
And that’s cooking with,