Well, deep in Texas, anyway, trying to break the summer Bass code. To help us in this, we launched an old V-Hull into the Big Pond, the objective being to get into the center of the lake and fish in deeper, colder waters.
At first all went well. The trolling motor worked, the wind was was at our backs and the going was easy. Shad, like miniature dolphins, schooled and leaped all around us. Good news, where the Shad leap, there bite the Bass. So goes fishing wisdom.
Then disaster struck. The battery wound down and the relentless current, driven by a fierce Texan wind, swept us to the far bank. Nothing for it but to row back, as opposed to actually fishing.
What was learned? There is a spot, in the middle of the pond, where there’s a superabundance of Shad. Get there and fish appropriately and chances are you’ll catch Leviathan Bass. Also, get a working battery and an anchor. Proper preparation prevents…
Then it was time to head back to the Compound, in the golden light of a setting sun. And there’s nothing wrong with that, at all.