It was a bit chilly in Texas yesterday, so we decided to get near some water and go in search of the mighty Leviathan Bass.
They were hiding, but the team caught a catfish and a fierce little predator that was lying in ambush off the bank. By some miracle, a leaky old Jon Boat managed to stay afloat. I watched it from the safety of the bank.
Don’t Forget The Sunscreen
Word to the wise. If you go fishing in the searing Texan heat of the day, deploy sunscreen, otherwise you might find yourself suffering the next day. Speaking of which, Team Clinton seems to be feeling the heat right about now, with one journalist writing, “Finding a more obvious case of active political conniving than the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch Phoenix Airplane Chat (PAC) is pretty darn tough.”
The Servant Must Receive Her Orders
This is absurd. Attorney General Loretta Lynch must serve her Masters and she can’t do that if she doesn’t talk with them. Maybe that’s over an encrypted ‘phone line, maybe it’s on a shielded plane, whatever. And let’s not pretend that there’s some weird conflict of interest here. 
The Rule of Law is Adrift
The Clintons are above the law, and AG Lynch is there to serve them. So let’s not hear anything more about the PAC because there’s nothing to hear, just a Master talking to his servant. About Grandkids, right? Or maybe you want an audit, or worse.