“It’s like a blister, it just popped. It had been festering and festering and festering.”

So commented one Democrat donor on a day of chaos and rage at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, that led to Hillary apparatchik and DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, being booed off stage and escorted out of the convention by security.
Lock Her Up! chanted communist Bernie supporters, who were outraged by revelations of dishonesty, corruption, collusion and malfeasance by Hillary’s Armani Socialist (HAS) political machine. 
A Typical Bear
The ultimate source of the damning email leak? I’ll leave you with a helpful infovideo.

Debbie’s had to resign and what can we say? Looks like Team Hillary doesn’t have much luck with email. Hog hunting tomorrow. Somehow that seems appropriate.
Lock Her Up and mind the Bears,