What do you do when the temperature soars and the sun starts to beat down with merciless intensity? Sit and stare in slack-jawed consternation at a screen telling you about a crazed Muslim axeman in Germany? 
Or wonder why a member of the Religion of Peace would stab an English woman in France and her daughters for being “scantily dressed”? I mean to say, how could anyone misunderstand Islam so thoroughly?
No. You don’t stare at the screen, you take the Team to the Lake for a Fish ‘n Swim, after cunningly stocking up on water, beef jerky and night crawlers. Logistics taken care of, bob those worms near the limestone shore of the lake in hope of Sunfish.
Feel the first aggressive tugs of the predatory fish, and then reel them in. Proper little fighters and big fun to catch, which everyone did. Well done, kids.
Then cool off in the water before heading to the Taco Truck for Chicken Fajita Tacos and a Torta Cubana(!). Cheap, and tasty as you like.
So a good day was had by all, outside, at the lake. Next time we’ll ice up the cooler and keep some fish for dinner. But now it’s time to fire up the grill for burgers.
Your Pal,