I’m no expert, but people say that the Law can be pretty opaque at times. For example, how do you work out the Law of Bass (LOB) on the Big Pond when the temperature climbs into triple digits? Team LSP’s been putting some effort into that lately and we haven’t cracked the Codex yet, but we will, it’s not over yet. Then there’s the FBI and Hillary. Here’s what our East Coast Legal Expert (ECLE) has to say:

The aspect of this whole mess that really gets my goat is that every first year law student is taught about mens rea (intent) for criminal law and the difference in laws between crimes requiring a specific mens rea (intentional murder, rape), lower mens rea (manslaughter – only needs reckless actions) and those that don’t (strict liability crimes (ex. statutory rape, speeding, etc.). The statute in this debacle specifically calls for a “gross negligence” standard in order for the statute to be broken. Her extreme carelessness definitely qualifies to meet this standard. Comey’s assertion that she didn’t have intent and therefore he wasn’t recommending charges is completely at odds with the law. Again, any first year law student who was given this question on an exam and didn’t prosecute would fail. This is Law 101. Either Comey was bought off or he didn’t want to end up like Vince Foster. Or it’s just one more nail in the legal/judicial coffin that we’ve experienced under Obama (Supreme Court decisions uphold Obamacare, gay marriage, etc.).

Thanks, ECLE, perhaps it’s a case of all of that
Have we reached the point where a rich, corrupt, ruling elite are now operating without even basic regard for the laws everyone else has to follow and feel free to blatantly disregard them? It seems that we have.
Not dissimilar, when you think about it, to predatory Bass, would be tyrants of the Big Pond. 
Fish on,