You can ride your unicorn over the rainbow as you listen to Give Peace a Chance, like a thieving two-bit hippy, or you can get down to business and get an axe, a hand axe, from one of the local pawns. I chose the latter option.
Note #4 — Finish The Project, LSP
It was an old Stanley, lying there nonchalantly amidst cast off socket sets, broken hacksaws and rusty screwdrivers. Sure, the axe was beat up, but right away I knew it could be restored to fighting glory. A few minutes and a couple of bucks later, You take cash? Yessir, we do, the axe was back at the Compound.
Getting There
After Mass, I sanded it down with 100 grit paper, applied some cold blue and polished the beast up with gun oil and steel wool. It seemed appropriate to do that alongside a Lee Enfield project; wood and steel.
Good Result
So there it was, one axe back in business, and you never know, maybe this hatchet will come in handy in these dark and barbarous times. 
Dedicated Family Man?
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