Mr. Putin, we need your help, the situation is desperate. Hillary Clinton has been cleared by the FBI, even though she broke the law and lied about it. Others would have gone to jail, or been charged with a crime, but not her. It is as though wicked magicians are now running our country and its judicial system.
The Witch Laughs
Save us, Vladimir Vladimirovich, from these heathen wizards and their magic. Release all the information you hacked off of her not-so-private server and break the spell. Help send this witch to prison, for the good of all the world!
The Witch Taunts
I know, you are holding back in case you need to blackmail the magic witch, and that is wise. But sometimes caution must be tempered by brave and daring action. Release the data now! Do not delay!
America, and the world, is counting on you.
Your Friend,