Adobe used to produce a powerful, if pricey, publishing software solution, InDesign. They still do, it’s called InDesign CC. CC stand for Creative Cloud, which gives you a suite of Adobe products online, in the form of “apps.” So cool, right? No, not so cool.
Oh, Look at The Nifty New Interface. Yeah, You Have to Rent it.
In the old days you could buy a copy of InDesign and that was it. The thing was yours, you owned it, like a Sovereign. Now, thanks to the freebooting antics of the buccaneers at Adobe, you have to rent it. Yes, you can use the software but you have to pay, per month, for the privilege. And guess what?
The Adobe Demon of Sheer Naked Greed
All the fonts you took for granted in the old you-own-it version of InDesign aren’t there. Guess what? You have to rent those too, or download them elsewhere, which works, but still. And are earlier versions of InDesign forwards compatible? Kind of.
Peasants Revolt
So well done, Adobe, for playing your part in the wickedness of turning a once free citizenry into a rentier class, beholden to the naked greed of their Silicon Valley Overlords.
Peasants, revolt.