Trill Ville

Have you noticed the pattern in our urban hellholes? A thug gets shot by a cop and all the other thugs go on a rampage. Baltimore, Ferguson, wherever, and now Milwaukee.
Where ya goin’ with that neat hood, Ja’Kiri? Is that an African name?
Good work, Trill Ville. You pulled your stolen gun on a policeman and now you’re dead, and what about the neighborhood. That just got worse too. 
Milwaukee Cook Off
But seriously, the Milwaukee spasm seemed especially nasty, with lots of “whites hunted for beatdowns.”
Pull our Pants Up
Does that count as hate crime? It sure would, if the Nike was on the other foot. Ask yourself what that’d look like and as you do, reflect on Team Obama’s responsibility. Would any of this be happening if that crew weren’t encouraging it.
I doubt it. And have they done anything to fix the problem, and there is one, aside from sloganeering and a tired, in denial, roll out of the policies that helped create the mess in the first place. Fine, go ahead and call thugs looting on behalf of a dead thug “civil rights.” Go ahead and do that, but don’t be surprised if no one’s fooled, except, perhaps, Al Sharpton’s bank manager.
Hmmm. Illuminati
In the meanwhile, I called a pal in Detroit last night, “Have you heard, Milwaukee’s cooked-off. Better arm up, fella.”
Mind how you go,