Startling photo-analysis reveals that the top decisionmaker in the Anglican Communion, Archbishop Justin Welby, is the Mekon. 
The Mekon
“The Archbishop of Canterbury’s large, hairless, oval domehead, narrow chin and slit mouth are sure giveaways,” stated one Xenologist, “And he sits on a throne, like the Mekon. He can never lose.”
Justin Welby

The Mekon was created by scientific experimentation, and engineered for a very high intelligence. As such he has a swollen head containing his massive brain and atrophied body. His goal is the domination of the Anglican Communion by the Episcopal Church.
Artist’s Impression of an Anglican Primate

The Archbishop of Canterbury has announced plans for a Primates Meeting in 2017. Will the primates obey their off-world ruler?
Lambeth Palace declined to comment,