Readers of this small kebob-stand on the information superhighway, all six of you, are saying, “C’mon, LSP, lighten up! Less Great Russian Art and more God.” With the proviso that Great Russian art is both uplifting and educational, let’s reflect.
Why is there something rather than nothing? Good question. Because necessity undergirds contingency or, to put it another way, that self-subsistent being, ipsum esse subsistens, the “sheer act of to be itself,” causes it.
God articulates this to Moses, speaking out of the unquenchable fire of the burning bush, I AM THAT I AM. He who is is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega of all that is. But His nature is unknowable, existing in the absolute simplicity of pure act from all timeless eternity.
How fortunate, then, that He has revealed Himself as sacrificial love incarnate, in the person of His Son and more than that, has extended his salvific being in the Mystical Body of His Church, which draws all men towards their eternal home. And what awaits there?
Judgement, for sure, but remember, with the repentant thief, this day you will be with me in paradise.
Mind how you go,