Farsighted readers of this country life mind blog may remember that today started off with a plan. Viz. Put rod, reel and gun in the rig and head out for action, and that’s what happened.
First stop, the Big Pond, hook up for Bass and cast off. I used a pink worm, I don’t know why, it just seemed right. Perhaps I thought the sluggish-heat-of-the-afternoon-fish would be stirred up by the shocking pink plastic of the thing.
Whatever the case, it worked, and before too long out came a very decent Bass. Good result, they want the pink worm, so keep it coming. Sure enough, I didn’t have to wait long before the hook was set and the line was playing out again. In a big way. 
It felt, in my mind, like a Leviathan Bass or a big Catfish, so imagine my surprise when I finally reeled in a turtle, a big one. Both it and the Bass lived to fight again another day.
Then it was time for dove and I joined some of the team, who were merrily shooting down an avian acrobat the size of a Condor. No kidding, it was a huge dove and that got my hopes up. I’ve entered the Land of the Giant Dove (LGD), I thought to myself. But it was a false peak, the birds weren’t flying, though it was fun to look out on the bucolic paradise of Olde Texas in eager expectation.
After an hour or so of that, everyone fell back to HQ for a grillout and fun and you know what? That’s what it was, a lot of fun in the countryside, and there’s nothing wrong with that, at all.
Your Old Friend,