People were saying, not that long ago, that DJT would have a chance if he’d actually start to campaign, as in campaign, as opposed to simply sounding off. Those were the days when the fabled New York Times and the august Washington Post were confidently predicting a landslide for Hillary.
All the lib elite smugnoscenti were saying it, just look at that vulgar buffoon. Smart people like us and our Millionaire Socialist Vineyard candidate, Hillary, have to win, it’s just common sense. Ratio Mitt Uns, as it were. Then things changed.

DJT’s team started campaigning, as Hillary’s knees disastrously buckled, she lost a shoe, and had to be bundled into a waiting SUV, like a bag of diseased rock salt. All that, after calling working class Americans who support Trump “deplorables.” Barbara Streisand probably loved it.
So did Trump’s campaign, who seized the moment, turned on a dime, and brought everyone a Les Deplorables rally in Miami while Hillary was busy swapping notes with her body double, as if anyone cared. 
And, not to outdo themselves, they trolled the NWO globalist elite, propaganda arm press, into live-covering a birther event in DC. And on. 
Here’s the thing, one candidate for the Presidency is promising to put miners and steelworkers back to work. He says he cares about working people. The other is fundraising, when she’s well enough, with her bi-coastal elite, millionaire socialist, celebrity friends. She cares too, but for a different demographic.
Who’s best? You be the judge.
Kick out the JAMS.