All the world knows that there’s something wrong with Hillary. She can’t stop coughing, as though she’s been hexed, and on 911 she had had to be carried, twitching and shaking, to a waiting van.
Well, Perfectly Well
Is she sick with “overheating,” “pneumonia,” “allergies,” or some other thing, like millionaire Armani pantsuit socialism? 
Is it the case that a demon is breaking its infernal contract and leaving her, twitching spasmodically, while it searches the wasteland for a new host?
The Djinn Looks On
Seriously, why would a person who advocates the slaughter of children in the womb, who is a ringleader for it, a cheerleader even, not be possessed?
Black Lives Matter, Hillary
Knees buckle, shoe lost.
Vade Retro,